VRML 97 Worlds & links.


Web3d Fr contest results mondesvirtuels ..

World designed by : The Art of Jeffrey K. Bedrick - 3D Worlds Gallery

fabric | ch

Lunatic interactive Some worlds at cybertown vrinternal Sound - Space

Multiface --- frederic fenollabbate

Paul S. Hoffman . Space Art

X-RoomsT VRML cave (2-n screen) based on GLView

  • Cybertown


    uma / virtual real-estate

    Tamiko Thiel New Media Art

    VRML - Art

    3D Modelling Companies - please let me know if you want to be added

    Avatar Studio


    Contact Demos & infos

    links/sites/communities/fanclubs using Contact & blaxxun chat

    links/sites using VNET/ABNet MultiUser Chat using Contact VRML

    Matthew Lewis - VRML class - very good selection of examples and references

    Misc X3D Examples

    Misc VRML 2.0 Examples

    Sound Worlds

    GEO Stuff

    Avatar Stuff

    Links to VRML meta sites

    Of interest


    Resources for VRML world builders

    Resources for programmers

    Links to VRML 1.0 stuff, sample scenes and objects (very very old)

    Out of Cyberspace

    Please let me know if these works are still on the net somewhere.

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